Naxos is located in the centre of the Cyclades and is the largest island. Not only is it ideal for a relaxing holiday for families and romantic couples, but also for groups of friends as it offers many fun activities.
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About Naxos

Naxos differs substantially from other islands of the Cyclades because it has a very fertile interior and dramatic scenery with the highest mountain of Zeus being 3290ft/1003m, which make this island ideal for those interested in mountain biking or hiking or just driving around in a rented car enjoying beautiful scenery.

According to mythology many important deities are connected to Naxos like Zeus, Dionysos, Ariadne, and Demeter to name but a few. Zeus was supposed to have spent his childhood here and the highest mountain on the island takes his name. During the ascent of his mountain you pass an engraving which states mountain of Dios Milosiou (Mountain of Zeus, protector of the herds) Naxos was also home to the god of wine, Dionysus, which may explain why the island produces such delicious wine. The uncompleted statue in the quarry near to Apollona bears his name.

Another myth says that Theseus abandoned Ariadne on the island of Naxos (where the Temple of Apollo or 'The Portara' stands) when returning from Crete where he killed the mythical Minotaur. As the myth goes, Dionysus later met Ariadne and married her. These are but a few of the compelling myths which still live on in the present names of castles, streets villages and hotels!

There are large number of castles and towers on Naxos, like the tower in the Filoti area called Himarrou, the Belonia Castle in Galanado, The Barotsi-Frangopoulou Gratsia Castle in Halki and many more.

With a long history, amazing physical geography genuine hospitality, and compelling culture, Naxos is considered one of the best islands to visit in Greece. Do not hesitate to ask us for the activities you can find on the island of Naxos.